Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Still no shoes...

It is funny what people notice about your appearance, or find odd about your appearance...

I have never gotten a rude or cross comment about my dreadlocks from anyone in Asheville, quite the opposite, most people stop me to complement them... no one has ever said anything about my clothing... but I constantly get stopped about my choice of footwear!

I have not worn shoes regularly for 10+ years now. Yes, I know it is winter. No, my feet are not cold. No, I don't get sick because of it... I lived in Northern Ohio for goodness sakes, and until it was below zero, with significant snow, I wore my sandals there too! We live in the south now, cold here is in the 30's.

I just find it amusing that with everything people have to choose from, my footwear is the most commented!

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