Thursday, December 31, 2009


I have had quite a few piercings over the years, and one of my favorite and most painful is one that I unfortunately have taken out.

I currently still have 4 holes in my left ear, 6 in my right, my nose, and my tongue. If I had the nerve, a few of my other past ones would go back in ;o)

After Rory was born, I got an industrial bar across the top of my ear. It is a free hand piercing (no clamps) that runs from the top edge of your ear to the front right next to your head. It is a great one, and one that I wish I still had. But after having it for a few years, I got pregnant and during my pregnancy, the skin began to grow across the bar and I had to take it out. Had I left it, I would have had worse scarring then I do now!

I have a few more holes I would love to have poked, but I fear that they will not grow properly because of the bar... maybe one of these days I will get a new industrial bar though... maybe. I think I will have the scar removed first though.

Here is the scar, and my new earrings that Carl had made just for me for Christmas. Affixment is a great company and has an awesome artist. We actually own quite a few of her paintings in our home.

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  1. Just wanted to introduce myself...found your blog looking for other moms w/dreads. We seem to have alot in common. I really enjoyed reading your blog & getting to know your family! You have some precious boys & your love for your husband seems to mirror mine for my husband!

    We love kayaking & being outdoors too. I love that you wear sandals all the time! I just told my daughter, Korah, this morning that my feet feel really weird putting on tennis shoes because it's been probably since May since I've had any on!

    Anyways, I invite you to check out my blog too (it's still a work in progress, I just started it a few weeks ago).

    God Bless!
    Amarillo, TX