Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Yup. I decided this evening that I need to work on a few things.

#1.) Taking photos that aren't my normal type of shots.
#2.) Being less self conscious.
#3.) Getting in front of the camera instead of hiding behind it.
#4.) Some of my photography skills.

So, I am going to try to take a photo a day of me (or at least some part of me) starting tomorrow.

I've come to accept that I have the body of a woman who has given birth to three babies, who will never be a size 4-5 again, who threw out society's definition of beauty, but who is beautiful none-the-less.

So please feel free to lurk, comment, and enjoy my photos (just don't be too harsh!)

Here I am, not a great photo, but just my starting point:


  1. i agree, beautiful. what a great concept.

  2. Beautiful! Thanks so much for those words, you inspired me...as a mom of three and having body issues I love what you said.

  3. You are just beautiful, and I've rarely seen such nice looking dreads! I really like all your pics so far... keep it up!

  4. I am trying to dread my hair right now! Yours are soooo beautiful and so are you! I really love your blog and it is very inspiring to a young girl who recently got married and looking to start a family. You remind me a lot of me and my husband :-)